LINE UP 2022


The band remains timeless for its genre-bending moody brand of Malayalam rock which arguably influenced the next generation of rockers to incorporate traditional elements. They’ve been on song for 10 years ‘officially’ but they’ve been making music for much longer.

Thaikkudam Bridge

Kochi fusion rock act Thaikkudam Bridge has contributed vastly to the Indie music scene. The band now boasts of a global presence wooing listeners worldwide with their folk and classical inspired music.


The pioneers of Carnatic progressive rock; their genre-specific music represents their true identities and tastes. They call themselves practitioners of Carnatic progressive rock and we call them the heartbeat of the same.

Arivu and the Ambasa Collective

From the folklore, anecdotes and challenges that their ancestors were privy to, Arivu’s & Ambasa Collective’s work have a story that needs to be heard. They possess the power of music to move the public with their contemporary music scene.

Job Kurian Live

Job Kurian live is synonymous with soulful music, the kind that takes you on a journey and nourishes your being. His music has ‘Kerala’s soul wrapped in an international sound’ which gives him the edge.


Bangalore-based regional folk fusion band asserts their multi-lingual presence by creating sounds that are rich, young, hip, honest and completely infectious.

Sithara’s Project malabaricus

In the mesmerising voice of their front-woman, two time state award winner Sithara Krishnakumar, the band brings Malabar and her people to life.

Street Academics

Street Academics is a collective of rappers based out of various districts of Kerala noted for their contemporary and philosophical themes ranging from social realism to dystopian fantasy.


Thirumali keeps on winning hearts by bringing together musicality, poetry and social commentary in the Rap offerings.